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What's On Havana May 2015
Download our current issue of 'What's On Havana', your definitive travel, culture and entertainment guide for all things happening in Havana. Also available in Spanish and French.
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Mi moto Fidel Havana good time
Cigars & Tobacco
Under the Spell of Tobacco
Under the Spell of Tobacco
by Nicolás de Camors
In Cuba, the Taino natives, whose name means “good men” in Arawakan language, had their behíques, ...
The undeniable magic of tobacco
The undeniable magic of tobacco
by Ricardo Alberto Pérez
More than once I have delighted in the metamorphosis of tobacco leaves. It’s wonderful that when they dry,…

Buena Vista & Music
My big, new dysfunctional Harley family
My big, new dysfunctional Harley family
by Conner Gorry
I sometimes muse on how similar Havana (my adopted city)…

64rd ERNEST HEMINGWAY  International Billfishing Tournament
64rd ERNEST HEMINGWAY International Billfishing Tournament
by Steve Gibbs
Like all the best fishing stories, mine began in a bar. One evening in Havana, I was introduced to a man called Stewart…

Tropicana & Cabarets
The 2014 Havana Carnival
The 2014 Havana Carnival
by Ricardo Alberto Pérez
The 2014 carnival will open on August 8 with the traditional parade of colorful comparsas and floats down Malecón Avenue....
Carnaval de Santiago de Cuba - July 21-29, 2014
Carnaval de Santiago de Cuba - July 21-29, 2014
The origins of the Santiago Carnival go back to the end of the seventeenth century when processions would wind their way through the city streets celebrating the feast day of Santiago…

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