The billboards of Cuba: ?To the future on a road made of sugar.?  
by Sofia Beckman
Cuba - The Billboards presents one hundred photos of Cuban billboards and tells the story behind the slogans shown on them. It provides a glimpse into an era and an ideology that seems to have been forgotten by modern western world societies. 
Whatever your politics, and it is difficult to get too far away from the politics of the posters, this book offers an illuminating insight into one of the most obviously visible sights of the revolution and one of the sharpest contrasts with other American countries which have their own immense billboards dedicated to the god of consumption.

Photographs by Henk van der Leeden, © All rights reserved.

Everyone who has visited Cuba must have seen them: the billboards showing images and slogans that promote the blessings of the Cuban Revolution. They are found all over the country: along the road, on the facades of buildings and at city squares. They really are a unique Cuban phenomenon: where nowadays the rest of the world only seems to be advertising commercial products, Cuba continues to advertise revolutionary ideas and ideals.

The billboards tell the story of The Cuban Revolution, a revolution that has strong roots in Cuban history. The billboards show famous revolutionaries like Che Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos and tell the story of the attack on the Moncada Barracks, the Battle of Santa Clara, the Bay of Pigs Invasion, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the US embargo (‘El bloqueo’).

Other billboards focus on some of the accomplishments of the revolution: free healthcare and education for all Cuban citizens, emancipation of women and racial integration.
CUBA The Billboards Contents:



Harjan Bos
Harjan Bos is a Dutch writer. He worked for several years as a tour guide in Cuba. He published three books about Cuba: ‘Cuba – The Billboards’, ‘Standplaats Havana’ and ‘Kameraad Cuba’ (the latter two only in Dutch).

Henk van der Leeden
Henk van der Leeden is a Dutch photographer. He works for several international magazines, airlines and travel organisations. Cuba is his most favourite destination. He was one of the first photographers to show the beauty of this island. His work is sold all over Cuba in the form of postcards, posters and calendars.
The billboards of Cuba: ?To the future on a road made of sugar.?
January 2013
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